Simultaneous interpreting

This form of interpreting has established itself over the past 50 years. The speaker’s words are translated simultaneously, so-to-speak at the same time as they are spoken in the original. This form of interpreting requires the highest degree of concentration and attention, involving at least two simultaneous interpreters (in the case of difficult and longer events, three or more simultaneous interpreters) per language and per direction of interpreting for each language combination. Interpreters work in soundproof booths so that they can assist each other and do a regular handover. One interpreter can handle assignments of up to 40 minutes in many instances. Listeners are provided with headsets to receive sound.

This form of interpreting is particularly suitable for larger multi-language events and conferences, for supervisory board meetings and for annual general meetings as well as meetings and negotiations in which the time delay arising in consecutive interpreting has to be avoided.

Depending on requirements, technical equipment is absolutely necessary: soundproof booth(s), microphones (clip-on as well as standing microphones, transmitter, receivers, public address systems, conference and interpreting equipment etc.). Depending on the size of the event, a so-called “whispering unit” may be adequate. In this instance, participants listen in using headphones.