Whispering interpreting

This form of interpreting is a special form of simultaneous interpreting, differing in the fact that no conference equipment is used. The interpreter sits next to the person who needs to listen in a language that he or she understands and whispers “practically simultaneously” the content of the speech.

Depending on duration, one or two interpreters are required. In the interests of the other listeners, who may be disturbed by the whispering, this form of interpreting is suitable for maximum three persons.

Use of a so-called “whispering unit”, which is not soundproof, is to be recommended in many instances. Listeners hear the spoken word via earphone. Whispering interpreting is suitable for medium and small events, for works visits, training on equipment etc.

Escort interpreting is a special version of whisper interpreting. This form of interpreting is suitable for visits to exhibitions and tours with small numbers.